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Yamaha Viking

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  1. 699.95 $699.95

    The MTX MUDSYS46 Bluetooth overhead audio system designed to deliver unbeatable high quality audio to ORV's that include mounting accessible roll cages with diameters between 1.75" and 2". This all weather system includes four 6.5" coaxial speakers that work in conjunction with an integrated 280-watt power amplifier.

  2. 148.95 $148.95
    Do you remember the classic game, Pac Man, with the little dude who ate all of the dots in his path? This much-loved game should stay in the arcade, and not be recreated as you eat the dust, dirt, water, and debris flying toward you while you explore nature on your favorite Side-by-Side. With the Viking Half-Windshield by Moose, you will be protected by this .177” thick, clear polycarbonate windshield. Constructed to easily mount to your roll bar with stainless steel, rubber-coated mount straps, it includes all necessary hardware and specific instructions to make installation a breeze. It’s time to upgrade, and leave the games to Pac Man.
  3. 245.95 $245.95
    When it is time to burn off the frustrations from a long you need to be confident that your UTV is up for the challenge. With the Viking Front and Rear A-Arm Guards you will have the muscle, and the adrenaline to tackle rocks, ruts, and obstacles without causing destruction to your Side-by-Side. Built to withstand tough environments, this popular upgrade is constructed of a 3/16” aluminum alloy body plate. Able to be installed in mere minutes, these guards are securely mounted with heat-treated, chromoly steel clamps featuring a clear, anodized finish. Proudly made in the USA, you will leave your worries behind and can give it all you’ve got to prepare for the week ahead.
  4. 195.95 $195.95
    Have you heard the quip about how easy it is to pick low hanging fruit? Without the essential one or two inches (depending on model) of ground clearance provided by the Yamaha Lift Kit MSE by Moose, your UTV could easily become one of Mother Nature’s easy targets. With increased ground clearance and superior performance over rocks and ruts, this easy-to-install lift kit will give you the added confidence needed for traversing even the toughest landscapes with ease. It’s time for you to be at the top of your game and let the wilds of nature overtake other less-prepared drivers.
  5. 248.95 $248.95
    The power commander FC is a new plug n play fuel management device pre-programmed with Made/Model specific maps.
  6. 159.95 $159.95

    The Yamaha Viking VI Rear Windscreen by Moose allowed for seamless installation, even with your UTV’s hardtop. With the large, vinyl window, you will still get that open-air feel without having to clean your cab for hours after completing your trip. Designed for extreme durability, Moose constructed this panel of heavy-duty rip-stop nylon.

  7. 239.95 $239.95
    The crisp morning air, collage of colors, and football season remind you that it’s your favorite time of year. As you climb onto your UTV and begin to overtake the trails, the cab of your Yamaha Viking is inundated with leaves, mud, and pine needles. No more. It’s time to seamlessly avoid these intrusions with the Yamaha Viking Full Windshield by Moose. The windshield is highly resilient and constructed of .177” thick, clear polycarbonate. Simply mount the windshield directly to the roll bar of your Side-by-Side with the included stainless steel, rubber-coated mounting straps. Now you have nothing left to do but get back on the trails and enjoy the best time of the year.
  8. 322.95 $322.95
    As you dodge branches, flying debris, and some seriously nasty weather while your UTV traverses the trails in the (usually) Great Outdoors, you realize it is time to consider a superior option that leaves the bobbing and weaving to the dance floor. With the Viking Full-Folding Windshield by Moose, you will have a centrally hinged shield that will offer you the flexibility to allow fresh air to openly flow or for full protection from nature’s obstacles. Constructed of .177” thick, highly resilient polycarbonate, this essential upgrade will mount to your roll bar with stainless steel, rubber-coated straps. Including rubber windshield pucks to keep your hood protected, you will be ready to conquer the trails...without them conquering you.
  9. 148.95 $148.95
    For use on hard-coated polycarbonate windshields ONLY
  10. 29.99 $29.99
    Increases visibility of plow edges for added safety

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